The candidate filing period for the May primary election is open.

The primary election will include seats from the County Council, Board of Commissioners, Hanover Town Council, state convention delegates, county assessor, county auditor, county clerk and sheriff, all township trustee and township advisory board positions, Jefferson County Superior Court judge, Jefferson County prosecutor, and state House and state Senate positions.

Residents can file in the voter registration office on the second floor of the Courthouse from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The filing period ends Feb. 7 at noon.

New filings:

• Mary L. Brinson, Democrat, Madison 3 Precinct Committee

• Shannon Hamilton, Democrat, Graham Township Trustee

• Mike Bruce, Democrat, County Council District 1

Previous filings:

• Robert E. Cline, Democrat, Smyrna Advisory Board

• Lane Seikman, Democrat, U.S. House Sixth District

• Joe Van Wye Sr, Republican, Indiana House District 66

• Patrick Heitz, Democrat, Madison Township Trustee

• Roger L. Thompson Democrat, Lancaster Advisory Board

• Melvin R. Adams, Democrat, Hanover Advisory Board

• Gale H. Ferris Sr., Republican, Shelby Township Trustee

• Dan L. Carter, Republican, Madison Township Trustee

• Sherry L. Eblen, Republican, Auditor

• Robert G. Consley, Republican, Saluda Advisory Board

• Randy Frye, Republican, Indiana House District 67

• Jim Lucas, Republican, Indiana House District 69

• Julie Berry, Democrat, Indiana Senate District 45

• Thomas K. Pietrykowski, Democrat, County Commissioner Upper District.

• Tom Webber, Democrat, Republican Township Advisory Board.

• Judy L. Smith, Republican, County Council District 4.

• Clark K. Collier, Democrat, Convention Delegate.

• David W. Carlow, Republican, Convention Delegate.

• Gary Armbrecht, Democrat, County Council District 3

• Tara D. Cash, Democrat, Smyrna Township Trustee

• Krista M. Coles, Democrat, Smyrna Advisory Board

• Chris R. Shelton, Republican, County Council District 2 and state delegate

• Jennifer Shelton, Democrat, Hanover Town Council at-large

• Mike Hensley, Democrat, Jefferson County Superior Court judge

• Wes Thomas, Democrat, Saluda Advisory Board

• Yancy W. York, Democrat, Saluda Township Trustee

• Tina M. Gleeson, Republican, County Assessor

• Karen L. Mannix, Republican, County Clerk

• John I. Wallace, Republican, Sheriff

• Barbara J. Disbro, Republican, state delegate

• David B. Nickels, Democrat, County Clerk

• Fred L. Stilwell, Democrat, Republican Township Trustee

• Melinda K. McGee, Republican, state delegate

• Rick Reuss: Republican, state delegate

• Robert M. Wynn, Republican, state delegate