Grote Industries LLC filed a lawsuit in federal court last month challenging a section of the recently passed federal health care law.

President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare, into law in 2010. A portion of the health care reform mandates that all employees be provided with contraception in their health insurance plan.

That mandate has come under fire from institutions that oppose the use of contraceptives due to religious beliefs. Grote, a Madison-based manufacturer of vehicle lighting and safety systems, was founded and still operates with Catholic values, and is one of those institutions.

"The Grote family seeks to run Grote Industries in a manner that reflect their sincerely held religious beliefs," read the complaint, which was filed in the New Albany division of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana.

Grote is being represented by Mike Wilkins and Michael Cork of Alliance Defending Freedom, which specializes in cases dealing with religious freedoms, according to their website.

"Americans should be free to honor God at work, at home and at church," Wilkins said in a news release announcing the suit. "They have the God-given freedom to live and do business according to their faith."

In a letter to all Grote employees, Chairman and CEO Bill Grote said Alliance Defending Freedom is not charging for its services. Grote also explained the reasoning behind filing the lawsuit.

"Forcing Americans to surrender long-standing, deeply held principles in order to earn a living in unprecedented, unnecessary and unconstitutional," he wrote. "We have always had the freedom to live and do business according to our faith."