Madison police arrested a Milton, Ky., man after a lengthy investigation into methamphetamine production.

Police reviewed records of purchases of pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient in meth, made by Everett C. Sullivan, 54. Since December 2007, Sullivan bought pseudoephedrine 63 times, including 18 purchases since August, Chief Dan Thurston said.

Known acquaintances of Sullivan's bought pseudoephedrine 132 times in the same time period, Thurston said.

In December, officers performed a controlled buy of meth from Sullivan using a confidential informant, according to police.

Sullivan had been arrested on Dec. 23 after a traffic stop resulted in officers finding a hypodermic syringe and a container filled with meth, Thurston said.

Officers located Sullivan for questioning Friday and found him sitting in a vehicle. An officer saw Sullivan had a metal object in his left hand he was trying to conceal, and ordered him to remove the item from his pocket, Thurston said.

After several failed attempts to get Sullivan to remove the item, officers tried to force his hand out and a struggle ensued, Thurston said. Sullivan threw an item out the window of his car and reached into his pocket again until a Taser was deployed, Thurston said in a news release.

Upon searching Sullivan and the vehicle, the metal object Sullivan had been trying to throw was a foil package containing meth, Thurston said.

Sullivan was taken to the Jefferson County Jail on charges of dealing meth, a Class A felony; dealing meth, a Class B felony; possession of meth, a Class B felony; and resisting law enforcement, a Class A misdemeanor.

The investigation was led by Det. Lt. Jonathon Simpson. Officers assisting in the investigation included Det. Lt. Tyson Eblen, Senior Patrolwoman Season Jackson, Patrolman Dylan Barnes, Senior Patrolman Joe Bake, Lt. Dan Slygh, Patrolman James Lee and Officer Chris Strouse with the Indiana State Excise Police.