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A HOME-GROWN SUCCESSCentral High School ReunionHow rainfall, river water levels looked in the areaDouble Overtime Denial
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News Stories

  • WASHINGTON (AP) — Battling with one branch of government and opening a new confrontation with another, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency Friday to fulfill his pledge to construct a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Amy Noel loves to sing, and Madison gave her the chance
Fire At Pine Lodge Motel
Beck ‘Backwhen’ Devito Talks Electronic Music
Charlie Rohlfing sits down with the young musician to discuss his music and process.
Southwestern Archery Qualifier
Man Drives With Deflated Tires During Police Chase
Cat rescued after sliding down dam's spillway
HUNTINGTON, Ind. (AP) — A wayward cat is safe after it was rescued from a dam in Indiana. The Huntington County Sheriff's Department writes on Facebook that a fisherman spotted the feline stranded on the spillway at the J. Edward Roush Lake dam. Officers could not reach the animal, so Army Corps of Engineers workers decided to help. The workers got permission to shut down the flow of water and they launched a boat. Video shows that when the boat reached the spillway, the cat slid all the way down into the arms of the rescuers before it hit the water.
Southwestern Students Become Sources of Strength for Others
Southwestern Middle and High School Received a Grant to Fund This Suicide Prevention Program.
Madison’s Chief Of Police Discusses Your Traffic Concerns
Madison’s Chief of Police discusses your traffic concerns. The Madison City Council Traffic Committee met for the first time this year to hear concerns of the city.
Two Brothers Arrested After Car Stolen
Brothers Arrested After Car Stolen, Meth Found and Canine Apprehension. This occurred on Saturday January 12th in Jennings County.
Brothers in Blue Pay Tribute to One of Their Own in Madison

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