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  • They keep on serving
    Funerals for veterans are iconic in many ways, but two of the most moving moments are when the honor guard fires the 21-gun salute and the American flag is presented to the grieving family. 
  • The Ulster Project at 20 years
    The Ulster Project Madison is celebrating its 20th anniversary this Saturday night, July 20, with a “Party like it’s 99” themed dinner auction.
  • It’s a Fair day for animals
    The Jefferson County 4-H Fair Cat Show brought together 16 cats and their owners to be judged based on criteria such as grooming and on answering cat-related questions and much more.
  • 50 years of service honored
    The Jefferson County 4-H Fair board took a few moments Thursday to note to Lonnie Mason, the county extension director, that in 1969 Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, women were allowed membership in Future Farmers of America, and Elvis, the Beatles, Johnny Cash, John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel, and Elton John were musical giants. 
They keep on servingThe Ulster Project at 20 yearsIt’s a Fair day for animals50 years of service honored
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