The candidates in Madison’s mayoral race have submitted their final campaign report before the Nov. 5 election, listing contributions and expenditures to date, and Republican candidate Bob Courtney has taken in about $7,620 more than Democrat Julie Berry in the most recent reporting period and $15,176 more for the year to date.

The two candidates filed their reports last week. While Courtney’s numbers are higher for the period and year, Berry entered 2019 with $21,676 to just $6,474 by Courtney. Courtney has $7,161 in debts owed, including $6,563 in loans he has made to his own campaign.

With just two weeks left until election day, Courtney’s campaign has spent $49,001 this year — $35,642 in the most recent period — while Berry has spent $36,006 this year — $30,203 of that in the most recent period.

Based on campaign contributions, loans and expenditures, Courtney’s war chest appears to have $23,903 still available to spend while Berry appears to have $21,722 in her coffers.

The top items in Courtney’s campaign expenditures are the $8,716 he’s spent with MPS Printing in Madison, the $3,559 he’s spent with ScreenBroidery of Indianapolis and the $7,511 he’s spent on advertising with The Madison Courier.

Berry’s biggest campaign expense has been the $9,241 she has spent with Wildfire Contact, a campaign communications and strategy firm, and the $4,592 she’s spent on advertising with The Madison Courier.

The biggest contributions to Courtney’s campaign this year have been the $10,000 he received from Commonwealth Engineers PAC out of Indianapolis, $3,500 in total contributions by Sarah Libby Mann of Madison, and the $2,000 each from Morgan Foods Inc., Warren Auxier, Jennifer Hambrick, Shawn and Kim Auxier, Steve Moore and John Road.

The biggest contributors to Berry’s campaign this year have been a $5,000 contribution from the Indiana Democrats Victory Committee PAC, $2,000 from Morgan Foods Inc. and $1,600 from the Indiana Democratic Party PAC.

As of Monday morning, not all candidate finance reports were in to the Voter Registration Office at the courthouse.

The election is Tuesday, Nov. 5 with early voting from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Voter Registration Office at the Courthouse.