Ash Dunham “July Self Portrait (Submitted)
Ash Dunham “July Self Portrait (Submitted)
Psi Iota Xi Sorority and the Jefferson County Public Library announced three winners in the Jefferson County Community Art Show recently. A total of 55 pieces of art were submitted to the online contest.

Winners by category are: Adult Category, Sarah Fisher, for her photograph, “Garden Spider;” Middle and High School Category, Ash Dunham, for her painting, “July Self Portrait;” and Elementary Category, Addison Renecker, for her painting, “Vincent Van Goh, Inside Her Silhouette.”

Fisher and Dunham receive $100, and Renecker receives a kit of art supplies of like value. The Art Show began Thursday, May 7. Photos of all art are currently available for viewing in photo albums in the Jefferson County Community Art Show Facebook Group, which is a closed group on the Library’s Facebook page. Anyone can submit a request to join and all Jefferson County residents are encouraged to do so.

People’s Choice voting has now closed and winners will be announced soon.

The community art show was inspired by the Art and Drawing classes that began at the Madison Public Library two years ago with an initial donation from Psi Iota Xi Sorority. The sorority wanted to continue to encourage local amateur artists in new ways and decided to showcase new talent by organizing a community-focused amateur art show.

Jefferson County Public Library and Art Instructor Russell Vossler were excited to partner with Psi Iota Xi to present the show. However, plans were changed to an online virtual platform when the library building closed in the concern of public safety due to the pandemic. Amateur artists were encouraged to register using a Google form, join the art show Facebook group, and submit a photo of their work into the photo album for their age category.

“The art submissions were all impressive, and the participants and spectators alike have noted that it was a wonderful outlet for creative expression and provided a wonderful diversion during an otherwise unsettling time.” said JCPL Children’s Librarian Kara Motsinger.

Founded in 1897, Psi Iota Xi is a charitable organization supporting communities in the fields of speech and hearing, art, music, and literature. Psi Iota Xi is also known in many communities by the various fundraising and assistance endeavors conducted by its local chapters. Any woman 18 or older who is interested in joining the sorority is urged to call 317-471-3512 or visit for more information.

Jefferson County Public Library was founded in 1818 and its mission is to serve the community with opportunities to obtain and use information in a variety of formats, to pursue lifelong learning, to explore recreational interests, and to better understand personal and regional heritage. Libraries are located in Madison and Hanover, Indiana.