Jim and Sara Leveille (Submitted photo)
Jim and Sara Leveille (Submitted photo)
Jim and Sara Leveille, long-time supporters of the Prince of Peace Catholic Schools, have been awarded the 2020 Golden Shamrock.
Golden Shamrock is the highest award within the Prince of Peace Catholic Schools and is based on long-term support of the schools, long-term community and volunteer service, a positive image in the community and much more.
The Leveilles have been part of the schools and community since 1999. Their association with Shawe schools started when their oldest son, Jimmy, began his seventh grade year in August 2000.
Sara Leveille drove for the Junior/Senior High Cross Country Team and also ran Shawe’s “study hall” in the student lounge. Jim Leveille helped coach the Junior High Cross Country team when their middle son, Kenny, was in seventh grade and the only runner during that year. After that year, Jim Leveille became the coach for both varsity and junior high while Sara Leveille became his assistant. They both coached junior and senior high cross country and track for Shawe for the next 12 years.
By the time their youngest son, Joey, started attending Shawe Memorial Jr./Sr. High School, the Leveilles became even more active in the community. In addition to volunteering as study hall monitor and driving athletes to running sports meets, Sara Leveille also drove students to field trips, assisted then counselor Lisa Gray and substitute taught when there was a substitute teacher shortage.
Jim Leveille has continued as the Shawe cross country coach for 18 seasons. Though both stepped down from track in 2012, Jim Leveille came back when needed in 2015 and 2016.
The Leveilles said they are grateful for the support and encouragement they have received from their athletes, other coaches, faculty and administrators at Shawe.
“Coaching at Shawe isn’t easy,” Jim Leveille said. “There are limited numbers of athletes and facilities, but we believe that while academics is the most important task and the reason we sent our sons here, athletics and the lessons they teach are nearly as important. You take a video-gaming complacent kid as a seventh grader on a 95-degree day on a run up Hatcher Hill, and he or she learns very quickly the difference between real life and what is seen on a gaming screen. There is no substitute for character, resilience and discipline that athletics, especially cross country, can imbue.”
Another event that Jim Leveille is active in has been the annual Molly Dattilo 5K Run/Walk and Student Races, where he runs from the start to the finish line.
“Jim and Sara Leveille are great representatives of Shawe and Pope John,” said Phil Kahn, president of Prince of Peace Schools. “They are wonderful people, great role models and always have a smile on their faces. We can’t thank you enough for your long time dedication to Shawe student athletes and our schools over the year.”