A woman from Milton, Kentucky, claimed a winning Powerball ticket for $50,000 from the April 27, 2019 drawing.

Debbie Walls of Milton, Kentucky, claimed her winning ticket May 6, which matched four of the white ball numbers and the Powerball to win $50,000, which is the game’s third prize. She also matched the Powerball number 4, which won her $4.

Each week, Walls typically buys a multi-draw ticket that covers both the Wednesday and Saturday drawings. But, when her usual store where she buys her tickets was closed, she went to Milton Fastlane in Milton to buy her Powerball ticket for the next week.

It wasn’t until the next week when Walls checked her ticket.

“I would’ve been a nervous wreck if I’d known I was carrying it around for a week,” she told lottery officials.

After she checked her ticket on the self-ticket checker, Walls saw the message “You won $50,000, see KLC.”

“I just stood there and stared at it,” Walls said. “It’s amazing.”

After taxes, Walls received a check for $35,502.84. Walls said the first thing she is going to buy is a new car.