Nancy Theiss
Nancy Theiss
The Jefferson County Historical Society will host author Nancy Theiss Tuesday Feb, 25 at 5:30 p.m. to discuss and sign her book “A Tour on the Underground Railroad along the Ohio River.”
The book covers a large portion of the 664 miles of the Ohio River that separated the free soil of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio from the slave soil of Kentucky. The book began in 2018 after Theiss, executive director of the Oldham County History Center, led a tour on the Underground Railroad that followed the Ohio River. On this tour, Theiss said she realized a book was needed to “connect” the dots between the relationships of freedom seekers and Underground Railroad conductors.
“I realized that I could not always be available to take people along this journey, and other museums, just like ours, have made significants progress in documenting these places, and unknown heroes of freedom,” Theiss said.
“The tour was the result of our own research and archaeology programs that we have made on Henry Bibb, since 2005, who became an outspoken abolitionist and conductor after his painful journey as a slave and his escape to freedom,” Theiss said. “Our archives hold some amazing slave papers that show transactions between the sale, capture and ownership of slaves in our own local court system before the Civil War.
“Included in the archives are the Mount Family Papers that detail transactions of Oldham County jailer James Mount and his wife, Amanda Mount, who were slave holders. Because of our work, we achieved recognition by the National Park Service on the National Underground Network in 2018, which makes us the only site in Kentucky with two designations.”
For more information, contact the Oldham County History Center at 502-222-0826 or email