Q: What do you think are the biggest challenges the Town of Hanover is facing? Why? What would you propose the council do to address these issues?

A: One of the biggest challenges or main concerns is the Quality of Life for the residents of our community.

In addressing the issue it takes a team effort, all of us working together to represent the best interests of all involved. We must be able to listen and support not only our residents but have a good working relationship within.

Our infrastructure is a huge priority, from updating and maintaining our water and sewer systems to remaining compliant with state regulations.

Also one of the biggest challenges as the fiscal body of the Town is to continue to pursue any and all grants that we might qualify for in order to continue to improve our roads, streets, utilities, etc.

Our town was just awarded the Jefferson County Community Crossing Grant in the amount of $390,000.00 to improve our streets and sidewalks.

Q: If there was any existing town policy that you could change on your own at this moment, which would it be and why?

A: At this time I don’t know of a particular policy that I would change. However we as a body have been working hard on updating and putting teeth into our existing ordinances . This will make the community aware of expectations and to press forward in improving the appearance and safety of our town. This should be a win win for everyone .

Q: Considering the town’s infrastructure (roads, water lines, water tower, etc.), what do you think needs the most immediate attention and how would you propose the town address it? 

A: Infrastructure is a priority and the possibility of pursuing any and all grants is a must. We need to insure that we remain compliant with state regulations.

I feel water and sewer upgrades at this time are a priority. This is a must for the health and well being of our residents.

There are several other issues that the Town of Hanover faces that I as well as the other council members are passionate about.

As Follows:

Quality of Life; Supporting our School System and providing a safe environment for our children; Providing a safe and healthy environment for our residents; Continuing to upgrade and maintaining of our water and sewer systems; Continuing to upgrade and maintain our roads, streets and sidewalks; Encouraging not only the expansion of businesses but targeting new businesses to come into the area; Working together with Hanover College (which is a very positive and beautiful asset to our community); Looking for ways to better utilize our Park Facility (to encourage families to enjoy our park).

This is not a one person job, but takes the work and passion of a strong team to accomplish these goals set forth.