After anonymously making a gift to the Canaan Community Academy last November, the humble $10,000 donor introduced himself during a Monday school board meeting.

Richard Herring, of Canaan, didn’t make much fuss when asked what made him decide to gift the money to the charter school.

“Well, I had some extra money and thought I needed to give it away, so this is where it went.”

Herring attended school at Canaan from 1950-58, “in the old red brick building ... And I thought they did a good job then,” he said.

Herring is a retired career Army man who said he worked in “health-physics and mechanical engineering.” He earned a degree in physics from Indiana University.

His brother, David, is on the school board, but said he was not asked to make the gift.

When board president Terry Rowlett announced news of a donation at a Nov. 9 meeting, he said that the donation was made with “no strings,” and can be used “wherever it is needed to help the children.”

Herring maintained that the gift could be used for anything from repairs to teacher salaries, but he hopes some of it might be used for a drug prevention program. Though he isn’t sure it’s an issue at the school, he said, he knows times have changed since he was young.

“For a small school like ours, that’s a big deal,” board member Jerry Eaton said.

“I don’t have any kids, but I figured, the kids are our future,” Herring said. “It doesn’t really make any difference who’s they are – if they’re mine or yours.”