Madison Precision Products celebrated its 25th anniversary this year.

In that time, the company has turned into one of Honda's top engine parts suppliers.

MPP Vice President Kevin Turner said the company broke ground in 1987, and by June that year were producing the company's first aluminum die-cast automotive parts.

"Employment has gone from about 80 to around 600 in that 25-year period," Turner said.

In that time Turner said growth has been fairly steady for the company, minus a few bumps along the way.

"The tsunami in Japan. The floods in Thailand. Those kinds of issues come up along the way sometimes. But, the overall trend has been an increase in sales and an increase in jobs."

One of the things that has greatly changed over the years has been the inclusion of automated robots on the floor.

"Some of our machining lines might have 10 or 15 robots," Turner said.

The addition of the robots, Turner said, are part of what helps the company stay competitive.

"When you add automation, you end up adding fewer people, but the types of people you are adding are technicians, programers, maintenance and support personnel."

The company has also enlarged its facility several times. The most recent addition is a 62,000-square- foot building that will house nearly 60 percent of the company's workers when it is completed.

"It's going to be a major plant improvement, in terms of environment. It's all climate controlled," Turner said.

The addition also puts employees in the same building, making communication between departments easier.

"It has its own area for support resources like engineering, quality, maintenance. So everything relating to assembly and machining is going to be in one area, under one roof," Turner said.

MPP has 20 employees that have worked for the company since it opened:

Mike Robak, Eve Smith, Terry Brashears, Paul Cardwell, Rhonda Taylor, Vince Roberts, Laura Mahony, Kim Williams, Wayne Davis, Don Bentley, Laddi Doty, Susan Ward, Mike Popp, Cindy Harmon, Kathy Jenson, Jesse Sands, Jerry Howard, Melissa Vance, Danny Watson and Elaine Helton.