Morgan Foods, in partnership with QuadMed, will open the QuadMed Health and Wellness Clinic on March 17. The clinic, across from Morgan Foods' manufacturing plant in Austin will serve its non-union employees and their dependents.

Morgan Foods' employee clinic will provide primary medical care services, generic medications, lab work, and physical therapy services at no cost to participating employees and their families. The clinic also will work with patients on health and wellness.

Morgan Foods, Inc. is a manufacturer of private label soups, beans, broths, sauces and gravies.

Clinic patients will have access to appointments with healthcare providers, access to on-site health coaching and a 24-hour nurse hotline.

"The cost of medical benefits continues to increase significantly making it increasingly difficult to fit medical benefits within affordable compensation packages for employees," said Eric Olson, Vice President Operations with QuadMed. "Onsite clinics offer a broad range of services with no deductibles and no copays for employees," he said.