Donating via the Internet is a great fundraising tool for non-profit organizations. However, the growing field of third-party donation sites has begun to concern professionals in the non-profit sector.

One such site is "Charity Blossom," said Bill Barnes, president and CEO of the Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County.

It is a website which provides information on nonprofits and solicits donations through a "donate" button.  Charity Blossom charges 7 percent for this service. 

The quickest way to discover whether your organization is listed on this site is to search by zip code in the search box.

Many of the community foundations in Indiana have become concerned about third parties soliciting for them without their knowledge and consent. They are concerned about whether donations made through these sites are forwarded to the intended non-profit organization.

It is possible to have the donate button removed from your information on Charity Blossom's website.  Here's how you do it: Sarah Robinson at Charity Blossom is the key contact.  Her email is: 

Email Sarah with the following:

• A specific request to permanently remove the donate button from your organization's information

• Your EIN

• A statement affirming that you have the authority to make such a request.