Rotary Lift, a company of Vehicle Services Group, has unveiled a new air-operated wheel lift it says can reduce the risk of employee injury and increase productivity.

The new lift provides 200 pounds of capacity at 100 pounds-per-square inch, enough to lift a broad range of wheels and tires.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, back injuries account for one in five workplace injuries or illnesses.

"More than 1 million workers suffer back injuries each year on the job," Ron Lainhart, parts and service manager for Rotary Lift, said in a news release. "The majority of those injuries occur when employees attempt to lift heavy or awkward objects."

The Rotary Lift MW-200's air-operated design requires no batteries and has a rise time of just six seconds. The wheel lift rolls on four casters and features single-lever controls.

"We've made this tool as easy to use as possible, so technicians will want to rely on it all the time," Lainhart said. "Once they start using this wheel lift on a regular basis, the shop will become a safer, more efficient work environment."