March 1, 1863

A Voice from the Army

The following is an extract from a letter recently received from a young officer of the 32nd Indiana Regiment now at Vicksburg. It may serve to show the "Copperheads" in what estimation they are held by the brave defenders of our country now in the army.

"I think from Northern news that the traitors North are trying to make an armistice. If an Indianian proposes such a thing, I hope he may hasten to that fiery place whose mouth is now yawning for his reception, and drink hot lead cocktails throughout eternity.

Has Indiana forgotten that over twenty thousand of her cherished sons are now sleeping death's long sleep on rebel soil, their bones lie bleaching in the sun as a monument of this infamous rebellion! Has she forgotten that in every hard contested battle her brave sons have borne a prominent part? Shame on the men who would try to take away her hard earned and bloody won laurels! If Indiana is the first to propose peace, I will leave her and renounce that I ever lived in such a damnable State.

You can form no idea of the mortification existing here among the soldiers on account of the course pursued by the so called Democratic leaders in their native State. They are very bitter in their denunciations of the men who are so villainously misrepresenting them.

March 3, 1863

Local Intelligence

It is a common thing to hear strangers remark "Madison is the most beautiful city of its size that I have yet seen." Our people may well be proud of their city. Its broad and clean streets; its air of comfort; its beautiful surroundings of river and landscape, contribute to make it a most desirable place of residence. It is also remarkably healthy.

We are highly gratified at being able to announce that trade has revived in Madison...Our business men are making money...We almost forgot to mention one thing, and that is the celebrated Madison Ale. It has a wide reputation, and you hear it called for in Cincinnati, Louisville and Indianapolis and other cities.

March 7, 1863

Further Details of the Fight at Franklin

Nashville. March 6 - Yesterday five regiments of infantry, one battery, the 18th, Ohio, with the 9th Pennsylvania and 92nd Michigan cavalry, all under the command of Colonel Coburn, of the 33rd Indiana, advanced on Spring Hill on the 4th and had several spirited skirmishes during the day.

On the 6th the movement was renewed, the rebels falling back towards Thompson's station. Here they suddenly opened fire on our men with three batteries at different points, and at the same time they appeared on each flank in a greatly superior force.

The conflict was maintained with great determination, heavy loss on both sides, but it finally resulted unfortunately to our troops. The largest part of the 33rd Indiana, 19th Michigan, 22nd Wisconsin and 5th Indiana, with most of their commissioned officers were captured.

March 10, 1863

The colored citizens of Madison have sent to the freed people of the South, two boxes of clothing. One box contained 277 pieces of men, women and children's clothing. The other, 152 pieces. Thanks to the white citizens for their liberal donation.

MRS. CLAYBROOK, President.