Carrollton native Mark Austin Hunt's depiction of skulls and other ghoulish figures has something other pieces of art on the subject often don't - lots of color.

Hunt uses different types of mediums to create his works, from Sharpie markers and paper to plastics and wooden tabletops. About 30 pieces of his art will be on display through January at the Carroll County Public Library, 136 Court St.

Hunt remembers first taking an interest in art in school.

"I've been drawing since high school," he said. But, his artistic interest began much earlier.

Hunt remembers his mother telling him to draw pictures to keep him out of trouble when he was younger.

"I was always fidgeting," he said.

He also remembers buying comic books - but he rarely read them. The pictures interested him more than anything, he said.

Hunt had decided to focus his career on becoming a comic book artist before he found music.

After he began playing drums in his band, Forebodance, Hunt refocused his career on producing music and worked as a DJ.

Still, drawing continued to be a hobby for Hunt.

Hunt's art show is his first display of work, even though he's sold a few pieces before.

"I never really thought I'd have a forum for my stuff," he said.

Most of his works feature skulls or other "Halloween" scenes. Hunt said he usually gets inspiration for his art from heavy metal music or underworld themes.

While most artists create their works from black pen or marker on white paper, Hunt likes to create with Sharpie markers and highlighters to give a dark subject more of a lighter or happier focus.

"You can only mix it up so many different ways," he said, yet Hunt continues to use different media to bring something new to his scary faces.

Hunt's artwork will be on display at the library through the end of January. Most of his work in the show - with the exception of the tabletops and some of the drawings - are available for purchase.