After Norma Birchfield retired, she decided she didn't want to rest on her laurels, she wanted to try making art. She has always loved photography and is February's featured artist at the Carroll County Public Library in Carrollton, Ky.

"Well, I've always liked to take pictures, but my brother used to tease me," she said. "I just got into it seriously within the last five years."

Birchfield says she likes taking pictures of animals and nature, but also likes capturing expressions on people's faces.

"I like to take pictures of people when they're not expecting it," she said. "I like expressions and things. I think the best pictures are the ones we don't always pose for. Like with children, how they'll make little faces, (when) something smells funny or they think is pretty or something tastes good. It's same with adults. They can see something that will spark a memory or capture a high moment. If you can capture that, it's a thing hard to do."

People playing music and her cats are also regular subjects of her photography.

"My cats are hilarious," she said.

Taking photos for a gallery was something Birchfield said was on her bucket list of things to do, even though she only has a few pieces.

She says she's going to keep working on her art and expanding her pieces.

"I'm not going to just settle, I'm going to try to do something I like," Birchfield said. "It's not to say it's the best in the world."