A second running of "O Madison, Where Art Thou?" is coming this weekend.

After a sold-out show at Eleutherian College in July, two more shows have been scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at Red Bicycle Hall in downtown Madison at 7 p.m. and 2 p.m., respectively.

The show is based on the music of the hit Coen Brothers' film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" as performed by a lineup of Madison area musicians, presented by the Cultural Continuum of Madison and the Riverrun Theatre Company.

David Loehr, of the River Run Theatre, developed the original script for the performance with Greg Ziesemer of the Cultural Continuum. Loehr said scenes were added to this show to give it more resolution.

"At the last show we ended with this really beautiful song and had to come in and say 'there was a flood and all this other crazy stuff that happens at the end.' Now we're going to resolve that a little more."

Loehr said after the show in July the response was great enough that everyone involved started to think about when they could do another performance together. It took a while, Loehr said, but they finally landed on this weekend.

"Originally, we thought this would be a fun event to do just so we could do the music. It was originally just going to be a concert," he said.

"The more we developed (the show) the more we thought it was something that could go on and have a life. We thought, let's see how it works for this one night. The audience response was so amazing. After that night we thought, we have to bring it back."

While the desire was there for everyone involved, Loehr said this weekend was the first time since their last performance that everyone had a free weekend.

"It took three and-a-half months," he said.

"O Madison, Where Art Thou?" is made up of regional performers.

"Part of the nice thing is, if you know these people you might say 'I've seen their stuff before,' but you've never seen this before. You've never seen them play these songs. And they're also acting, which you've never seen before either."

Loehr added that local artist Eric Phagan created backdrops that will be used during the performance. Phagan made between 20 and 25 backdrops for the production.

Doors open half an hour before show time. Red Bicycle Hall is located at 125 E. Main St. Seating is limited to 150. Tickets are $15 or $18 at the door.

Tickets can be purchased at culturalcontinuum.org, Facebook, Village Lights Bookstore or Ghost Note Music. Loehr said tickets for Saturday's show are almost sold out, and Sunday tickets are moving quickly.

The production includes: Stan Attenburger, Johnandrew Bellner, Chip Binzer, Tim Brickley, Erik Bruner, Cheryl Liz Byers, Jimmy Davis, Dave Dwyer, Bill Lancton, LuAnn Lancton, David J. Loehr, Kriss Luckett-Ziesemer, Eric Phagan, Brook Reindollar, Margo Watkins, Greg Ziesemer, Lydia Bladen, Hannah Kate Byers and Emily Skirvin.