Madison native Emi Knight will be the featured artist at Village Lights Bookstore for the next two months.

Knight, a 2007 Madison Consolidated High School graduate, will show her collection of oil and watercolor paintings at the store until Sept. 24.

Village Lights will host an artist reception from 5 to 9 p.m. during this week's Madison Fourth Friday.

Nathan Montoya, owner of Village Lights Bookstore, said he first saw Knight's work through his son, who also is an artist.

It's the first time Knight's work has been featured at the shop, which typically has an artist's work hanging on its walls.

"It's terrific work," said Montoya, adding that Knight deals with "the real issues."

He noted that Knight works with a wide range of bright colors that provide a nice contrast with the message.

"It's pretty in her choice of palette, which is deceptive because her content is substantive and sometimes downright dark," he said.

Knight, who lives in Colorado, attended Indiana University-Bloomington and plans to attend Goddard University in Vermont later this year.

She said mental health is a common theme in her artwork. She began exploring the issue several years ago and has worked to implement the message into her artwork ever since.

In fact, at Goddard, a university where students can develop their own majors, Knight's major will be art therapy and community practices.

"I really have a passion for working my art into the community," she said.

While Knight has shown her works in high school and college, the collection at Village Lights will be her first solo show.

All pieces are for sale and most are less than two-by-two feet and affordable, she said.

"I really believe in keeping art affordable for everyone," she said.