Hanover College will get a taste of space travel March 8 when the stage show "Intergalactic Nemesis - Book One: Target Earth" brings its live radio show to town.

"Intergalactic Nemesis" started as a radio show and eventually became a graphic novel. The group eventually combined the two to create the performance as it is today. The group shows images of comic books on a projector while the performers act out the sounds of the scene on stage.

The story takes place in 1933 and centers around Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Molly Sloan, her research assistant Timmy Mendez and a Flagstaff, Ariz., librarian named Ben Wilcott. According to the group's website, the three travel to Romania, Scotland, Europe and North Africa before heading to the Robot Planet in the fictional Effdillinplitzenpire Galaxy and to the Imperial Zygon to fight an invading force of sludge-monsters from outer space known as the Zygonians.

"Intergalactic Nemesis has been featured on Conan O'Brien, NPR's All Things Considered, Ain't It Cool News, The Wall Street Journal, American Theatre Magazine and several other national publications.

The show is produced and directed by Jason Neulander, who also serves as the comic book writer and live-action graphic novel writer. Neulander and Chad Nichols are the radio drama writers.

Graham Reynolds is the composer. Paul Hanley and Lee Duhig do color art and Tim Doyle does pencils and inks. Buzz Moran is in charge of the sound effects.