Village Lights Bookstore will host an art opening and book signing Friday featuring work from Hanover artist Tatiana Van Iten.

Her book is called "Book of Inspirations" and features both her photographs and bead artwork. Friday's event will have an opening celebration for the book signing followed by the art show.

Van Iten was born and raised in Russia and learned to create bead artwork from her grandmother. She graduated from Leningrad State University with a master of arts degree in photojournalism.

She moved to the United States more than 28 years ago and has been traveling the county with her husband, Heyo Van Iten, a geology professor at Hanover College, and taking pictures along the way.

She started taking pictures and eventually began making beaded art based on those photographs, basing them mostly on color combinations, textures and configuration of subjects in the photos.

"I also tried to convey the fleeting impression that appeared at the moment I pressed the shutter button of my camera. I make most of my necklaces free-hand, with no pattern, and each of them is unique," Van Iten said in a release.

The event will run from 5 to 9 p.m. at Village Lights Bookstore at 110 E. Main St. The art exhibit will run through May 21.