A former Madison resident is returning to the area this weekend to showcase her new book, which features mystery, paranormal activity and a few humorous eccentric characters along the way.

Janie Mclean will promote her work, "Secrets of the Future," at Madison Coffee and Tea at 100 West Street on Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m. Books will be raffled off at the event and copies will also be available for purchase.

The book is the first of Mclean's "Jennie Madison Trilogy" and will be released in bookstores Tuesday. Mclean is published through Tate Publishing and Enterprises, a Christian-based company. The books are scheduled to be released every three months.

The work, which is Mclean's first novel, is billed as general fiction, but she called it a young adult piece.

"Secrets of the Future" is set in a small southern town in Georgia and follows protagonist, Jennie Madison, who seeks to unveil a crime one step at a time with the help of town residents. In the process, she finds that secrets from the past - and future - could be exposed. The story combines the struggles of family, life and stability, as well as the existence of the supernatural.

Mclean said she has been interested in paranormal research since early childhood and has even given several public talks on the subject.

The character Jennie Madison's last name is no coincidence. It's a shout out to the town Mclean called home for 25 years.

"When I described the town in the book, I really described Madison," Mclean said.

While Mclean grew up in Bedford, Ind., she later picked Madison as the place to raise her five children, all of whom still live in town.

Mclean worked at salons in Madison for much of her career before she focused on her love of long-form storytelling. That journey took her all the way to Costa Rica, where she cut hair and later started a small housing resort, La Posada, near the Manuel Antonio Rainforest.

Before that, Mclean had developed an action-packed screenplay and was in talks with Warner Bros., but the film was never produced.

In Costa Rica, she focused heavily on writing and began producing material for her first fiction novel.

There, she also met her husband, Ernie, whom she eventually followed back to Atlanta.

Mclean said she has three books - aside from the trilogy - in the works and has already developed a screenplay for "Secrets of the Future."