An annual event highlighting the works of local, self-published authors returns to Madison during the Chautauqua weekend.

Village Lights Bookstore, 110 E. Main St., will host its third annual Regional Author Book Fair on Saturday. The event begins at 11 a.m. with seven authors in a "round robin" format of book signings and individual readings until 6 p.m., bookstore co-owner Nathan Montoya said.

Each of the authors will sign their books on the main floor of the bookstore for two hours and present one 45-minute talk or reading on the second floor of the store during the event.

Most of the authors for the event will be appearing for the first time in the fair.

"It's to give them a venue," Montoya said of the author fair. "These (authors) are all self-published in one way or the other."

The seven authors that will take part in the 2013 regional fair include:

Richard Berry


Berry, a native of Madison, grew up and spent a large part of his adulthood in the area before moving to Markle. In his most recent collection of poetry, Berry reflects on his personal experiences - of family, friends, co-workers, pets, dreams and life-changing events.

He plans to feature his newest book, "Growing Up in North Madison: 1945 and On," during the event.

D.C Garriott

Bedford, Ky.

Garriott returned to her hometown to raise her children after traveling most of her life. Garriott is a playwright, journalist, screenwriter and loves literary arts. She currently works on DTX's comedy staff for web-based series and has plans to work on a feature film.

Garriott plans to highlight two of her books, "Refuse to Sink," and "She Crossed the Line..."

Kenn Grimes

Louisville, Ky.

Grimes, a former Madison resident, found a new passion for writing during retirement. A retired Lutheran minister, Grimes served as pastor of two local churches - Resurrection Lutheran Church in Madison and St. Peter Lutheran Church in Milton, Ky. - from 1976 to 1980.

Over the last few years, Grimes has written two books. He plans to read and sign his latest book, "The Other Side of Yesterday," during the event.

Devon Kondaki


Kondaki, originally from Coral Spring, Fla., serves as the author and illustrator with WinzlowNation, a group trying to make a difference by spreading values and helping to improve each child's education. He currently attends Hanover College.

Kondaki will discuss his two books, "The Mystery of the Magical Bwa Bwa Fruit," which teaches children the value of diversity, and "¡Hey Ya Mama!" which highlights family words in various languages including Spanish, Japanese, German, French and others.

Mark McLane


McLane earned his bachelor's degree in English and journalism and a master's degree in English from Ball State University after serving as a radio man for the First Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam. He went on to teach English at Brookville and Franklin County high schools before moving to North Hollywood, Calif., where he worked as an actor and stand-up comedian.

From his life experiences, McLane wrote his first novel, "The Impersonators," which he plans to present during the fair.

Bonnie J. Poore

Bethlehem, Ky.

Poore was raised in Dry Ridge, but learned about the Ohio River from her husband, Lloyd. Sharing a passion for the river, the family lived aboard a houseboat with their three teenage daughters.

Poore will give readings and sign copies of her book, "Welcome Aboard...Meet the Captain!" which outlines the efforts of building a business on the river.

June Ritchie


Ritchie grew up during the Great Depression, in a time where there were few jobs, no money and little food. Yet her family got through the hard times with a little music and laughter. Later on, she married and had a family, while also pursuing a musical career and 36-year career as a dance instructor.

She shares her life experiences in her book, "The Great Depression Put to Music, Song and Dance."

Also, as part of the author fair, Bob Saueressig, a local artist, will paint in the window during the event Saturday and again on Sunday.

Saueressig will set up an easel during the opening for his collection of work that will be on display in the Twain Room of the bookstore until Nov. 19.

The collection titled "Here & There: Summer of 2013" features new paintings by Saueressig from Indiana and New Mexico.