Hanover College students will present plays they wrote this weekend at their presentation of 10 Minute Plays.

There are five shows that will be performed. The plays are all written and directed by members of the school's playwrighting and directing classes.

Paul Hildebrand, a theater professor at Hanover College, said the plays will feature a wide variety of plots and styles, and that some viewer discretion may be advised.

Admission is free, but seating is limited. Shows will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the Parker Auditorium. Descriptions of the plays below were provided by Hanover College.

The first play is "The Everything Store," which was written by Kayla Snabl and directed by Brandon Derk.

A couple decides to go shopping at The Everything Store, where you can get literally anything - for a price. They don't take cash, check or credit cards at this store. They take something more personal. The question of the evening is: Will they make it out of the store the same as they were when they entered?

The next show is "The Mustache," written by Gray Schierholt and directed by Elizabeth Hollis.

The show stars Max, who has been away in India for eight months and he can't wait to see his parents and his girlfriend Sandy again. However, there is just one problem: During his time in India, Max has grown a mustache and his clean-shaven family does not recognize him. Will he get to go home with his family?

Following that is "Under the Rug," a show written by Jacie Dawn Hubbard and directed by Kayla Snabl.

A group of roommates, Mary - who is emotionally unstable - Willard - an ex-Mennonite - and Luke - a pothead - have mutually decided that anytime they have problems they will not talk about them but simply sweep them under the rug - literally.

When Mary's friend Dawn comes to visit, Mary wants everything to go perfectly. Problems arise and tensions mount, however, as Dawn discovers the "rug" and tries to force her friend to deal with their problems.

Next is "My Soul to Keep," written by Katie Knowles and directed by Elizabeth Tock. The show features the Sandman and the Dream Catcher, who fight over the soul of the Dreamer.

The Sandman wishes to take his soul, while the Dream Catcher to save it. It's a race against the clock to decide the Dreamer's fate before morning.

The last play is "No Coming Back," which was written by Gray Schierholt and directed by Felisha Lovett.

The show stars three modern hunters who go on a trip that goes terribly wrong when one of their members becomes gravely wounded from a gunshot. The remaining men struggle to keep their injured friend alive find their way out of the dark forest. The panic sets in as the injured creeps slowly towards death.

Cast and Crew

"The Everything Store"

Written by Kayla Snabl

Directed by Brandon Derk

Josh Anderson as Nigel

Grace Taylor as Sophia

Shawn Franklin as Jackson

"The Mustache"

Written by Gray Schierholt

Directed By Elizabeth Marie Hollis

Emily Bumgardner as Mother

Joshua Anderson as Father

Jordan Hall as Max

Summer Kennedy as Sandy

Shawn Franklin as The Stranger

Setting: An airport in the present

"Under the Rug"

Written by Jacie Hubbard

Directed by Kayla Snabl

Shawn Franklin as Willard

Noah Thederahn as Luke

Gracie Taylor as Many

Kala Farineau as Dawn

Setting: An apartment

"My Soul To Keep"

Written by Katie Knowles

Directed by Elizabeth Tock

Kala Farineau as Dreamer

Korby Reed as Sandman

Summer Kennedy as Dream Catcher

Setting: A bedroom

"No Coming Back,"

Written by Gray Schierholt

Directed by Felisha Lovett

Korby Reed as John

Monty Gallegos-Wilson as Bo

Noah Thederahn as Chuck

Setting: A clearing in a forest, night

Production Staff

Stage Manager: Kimberly Reeves

Assistant Stage Manager: Kara Chin

Sound Technician: Meghan Dawson

Light Board Operator: Shaina Lin

Sound Board Operator: Caleb Beidelman

Production Crew: Charlie Myre and Andrea Paul-Bonham

Production Manager: Will Griffith