Everything but the moonshine will be on hand at General Butler State Resort Park's monthly Backyard Concert Series Saturday when the Whiskey Bent Valley Boys performs.

The Backyard Concert Series is held every month from May through October. Concerts are free and begin at 7 p.m. Concert-goers can bring their own chairs or borrow one from the park.

The Whiskey Bent Valley Boys offers a combination of music and story telling that originated in the hills of Kentucky. Remember, though, some of the stories were filtered through the whiskey that was brewed in those hills.

The group hails from the backwoods of PeWee Valley, Ky. Members will take stage wearing everything from overalls to string ties, straw hats to silk vests.

Members of the group are JR, on the barnyard fiddle; Mason Dixon (the group's founder) playing a clawhammer, a three-finger banjo, mandolin and guitar, Leroy Jones with his doghouse bass, and Chance Wagner playing banjo and guitar.

The group will perform songs from such icons as Roscoe Holcomb, The Stanley Brothers, and fiddle legend Tommy Jarrell as well as some original compositions.

Band members say they take their musical cues from parents and grandparents who have tapped into folk, country and bluegrass through festivals, radio and endless collections of vinyl recordings.

Dixon hails from a long line of musicians and will tell you it's not so much in the whiskey as it is the DNA. Each member's family performs and enjoys the indigenous music of the Appalachian foothills and pastures of Kentucky.

The final concert of this year will feature The Rigbys on Oct. 12.