The annual Indiana Wine Trail's Fall Haul will be held this weekend, providing a chance to sample wine and foods from the area.

The event runs Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The tour includes Madison Vineyards Estate Winery, Lanthier Winery and Thomas Family Winery in Madison; the Ridge Winery in Vevay; Ertel Cellars Winery in Batesville and Stream Cliff Farm Winery in Commiskey.

The wineries will showcase a variety of foods created using wines and will provide recipes for the food and special discounts.

"We'll have tapas, cheese spread and meat balls," Sandy Palmer of Madison Vineyards said in a news release. "We enjoy treating people to the food made with our wines." 

Brian Ahaus of Ertel Cellars will be providing herb and wine-based pestos. Lanthier Winery will serve cranberry grande cheese spread and chicken wings in spiced chambourcin glaze. Ridge Winery is showing off their pasta in wine sauce, wine salsa, wine jelly and wine cake.  Stream Cliff Farm Winery is featuring a potato-wine soup, a hot cheese wine dip and their hot mulled wine punch.

The Thomas Family Winery has Welsh rarebit made with Gale's Hard Cider and Gale's Hard Cider Cheddar as well as other choice tidbits on the menu.

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Participating Wineries

• Thomas Family Winery, 208 E. Second St., (812) 273-3755

• Lanthier Winery, 123 Mill St., (812) 273-2409

• Madison Vineyards Estate Winery, 1456 E. County Road 400-N, (812) 273-6500

• The Ridge Winery, 298 State Road 156, Vevay, (812) 427-3380

• Stream Cliff Farm Winery, 8225 S. County Road 90-W, Commiskey, (812) 346-5859

• Ertel Cellars Winery, 3794 E. County Road 1100-N, Batesville, (812) 933-1500