A man arrested in Ohio on an outstanding warrant admitted to stealing a vehicle in Indiana. After his arrest, he told police where the vehicle was in Kentucky.

Jeff Adams of Portsmouth, Ohio, allegedly stole a vehicle from the Indianapolis area and drove to his girlfriend's house in Worthville. Adams and his girlfriend traveled to Portsmouth for a visit in another vehicle when he was arrested. Adams' family knew he was planning a visit and turned him in to law enforcement for an outstanding warrant, Carroll County Sheriff Jamie Kinman said.

After his arrest, Adams told Ohio authorities about a recent crime he'd committed.

"He told the police he had stolen a vehicle and it was in Worthville," Kinman said.

Ohio law enforcement contacted the Carroll County Sheriff's Office on Thursday and gave the address where Adams claimed the vehicle would be located. The sheriff's office found the vehicle exactly where Adams said it was.

Indianapolis law enforcement has since retrieved the vehicle to return it to the owners, Kinman said.