Carroll County school board members decided to keep 2013-2014 tax rates the same as the previous year during a meeting Thursday.

Board members unanimously accepted the compensating tax rate for the upcoming year, but the tax rate will not increase since property values in the county remained flat, the district's chief financial officer Jon Conrad said.

The compensating tax rate allows the school to retain the same amount of funding from taxes that they received last year. The tax rate will remain at 56.5 cents per $100 in assessed property value.

"I believe we are in a good place and don't need an increase," Conrad said.

Board chairwoman Mona Kindoll agreed the compensating rate would be sufficient for the district's operating budget.

"We appreciate it and the taxpayers appreciate it," she said.

The tax rate for vehicles will remain the same as last year with a tax of 55.7 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Both tax rates were unanimously approved by board members, 3-0. Board member Carolyn Jones was absent from the meeting.

During the meeting, Superintendent Lisa James reported the district's enrollment numbers increased slightly this year. So far, the district enrolled 1,892 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Board members approved an additional third grade teaching position for Cartmell Elementary School for the school year because of the increased enrollment. The board previously approved the hire of an additional kindergarten teacher earlier this year.

Other than the increased enrollment, the school year has gotten off to a strong start at each school.

"The beginning of school has been outstanding," James said. "We are growing, which is a good thing."

School board members also learned about the district's Center for Accelerated Learning, where the board meeting was held Thursday. Jeff Root, a teacher at the Center, told board members about the successes of students during the summer learning programs.

Two seniors who were behind on credits were able to graduate at the end of the summer thanks to the center, Root said. During the first session, 47 students were able to recover 68 credits while also learning about note taking and preparing for tests during the classes.

All 24 students that participated in the second session of summer learning were about to successfully complete their classes, Root said.

Since the school year began, the Center serves as a classroom for over 100 students throughout the day. Students can work on their own and at their own speed to earn credits for the 140 classes offered.

In other business:

• James recognized David Craig and Kathy Bieger as 'Champions for Kids' for their work in the school district during the meeting. Both joined the district this summer and have already made helped the district progress this school year.

• The board heard reports from the five high school students chosen for the Governor's Scholar Program this summer. William Wallace, Makena Kindoll, Taylor Hill, Brad Osborne and Austin Crowell told board members about their five weeks at various Kentucky colleges.

"It was probably the best summer of my life," Wallace said, noting he made several contacts and friends during the program.

He also explored a possible college major option during the program like other participants.

Other students said they learned more about themselves and met friends during the seminar sessions of the programs.

"It got really intense at times," Crowell said of the program, "but it was great."

• Assistant superintendent and Chief Academic Officer Bill Hogan said the district needs to hire a few additional substitutes. Because of new required restraint and seclusion training, several of the district's substitutes did not return this school year.

"We are very low in the number of subs," Hogan said.

• The school board approved an agreement between Carroll County High School and Hal Leonard Corporation for the purchase of a musical arrangement for the marching band. High school band director Scott Brawner plans to rearrange the musical arrangement "Earthdance" for the marching band's program.