Carroll County Schools showed slight increases in the Kentucky Unbridled Learning Assessment and Accountability scores, but the district failed to meet the state's yearly progress goals set for two of its three schools.

The test results were released last week.

The school district climbed to the 18th percentile in the state with an increase of 0.7 points in the overall score after ranking in the 15th percentile during the 2011-2012 school year. The district retains its "needs improvement" classification from the 2012-2013 school year results.

Pam Williams, the district's elementary instructional supervisor, said the data from the state wasn't much of a surprise to the district.

"It really matched our MAP data," Williams said of the scores.

The MAP data - or Measure Assessment Program - allows the district to track student achievement throughout the year, she said.

Carroll County High School proved to have the highest scores again this year in the district. The high school saw an increase in the overall score of 54.6 points which places it in the 51st percentile of schools, according to data released Friday. During the 2011-2012 school year, the high school ranked in the 40th percentile.

Williams said the high school had a graduation rate that was higher than the state's average, which proves some of the new initiatives to keep students in school have been working. The data showed 90.1 points in the graduation rate category under the new "Cohort" model, which tracks students from grades 9 to 12. The state average was 86.1.

"The statewide data clearly show we are making progress, though slower than we would like," Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday said in a release from the Kentucky Department of Education. "We've raised expectations and aligned them with what students need to be successful; we are moving in the right direction toward the goal of providing a world-class education for every Kentucky student and ensuring all children graduate college/career-ready."

The high school also increased scores in the achievement and gap categories, but growth and college/career readiness categories declined.

The school still retains a "needs improvement" classification from the state even with the slight increase in the overall score.

Neither Cartmell Elementary School nor Carroll County Middle School met the Annual Measurable Objective - or yearly progress of one point in the overall score - but the elementary school only missed the goal by 0.1 point. Cartmell Elementary rose to the 19th percentile with an overall score of 48.8 after scoring in the 16th percentile with an overall score of 47.9 points during the 2011-2012 school year.

The elementary school had better scores in the achievement and gap categories, but the growth category decreased as it did for each school in the district - and for many schools in the state.

"We didn't see a lot of movement in growth this year because it is a comparison of peers and if most students are improving, growth will not change much," Holliday said of state scores in the release.

Carroll County Middle School had an increase in college and career readiness, but a decrease in the three other categories of achievement, gap and growth.

Overall, the school scored 45.7 points which was lower than the overall score of 46.2 points during the 2011-2012 school year. The middle school also dropped to the 17th percentile from the 18th percentile.

Cartmell Elementary and Carroll County Middle schools remain focus schools that "need improvement."

Kathryn Winn Primary School does not have grades to which the test is administered.

Williams said schools plan to continue with data team processes in each building, where teachers and staff analyze student achievement results. The district also hopes to be able to identify students who understand assessment materials and learning objectives, as well as those students who may not understand the materials or needs additional help to meet state standards.

"Before you get to a test, you can help students grow along the way," she said.

This was only the second year for Kentucky's Unbridled Learning for All Assessment and Accountability System to be used to assess district and school performance data.

District and school "Report Cards" are available to the public online on the Kentucky Department of Education's website,