Volunteers plan to visit several neighborhoods in Carrollton, Ky., Saturday during the 26th annual Scouting for Food event for the area's food pantry housed at St. John's Catholic Church.

Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and other volunteers from the Carroll County High School Honor Society and Key Club plan to cover many areas in Carrollton, including several city streets and Indian Hills, Sycamore Trace, Burley Estates, Meadowbrook and Oakview Estates subdivisions and Camellia Court Apartments during the food drive . The food pantry is in specific need of canned meat or tuna, spaghetti sauce and noodles, canned soups, peanut butter and jelly, as well as boxed macaroni and cheese. The event will begin at 9 a.m. and will last until all donated items have been collected, Scoutmaster Scott Nab said.

"Our scouts will hit the streets by 9 a.m. this Saturday," Nab said in a release. "It's very important that everyone put their donations out on their front porches as early as possible. We have a lot of territory to cover on Saturday."

People who do not live in the areas where volunteers will be collecting, but still want to participate in the food drive, can drop off their donated items at the Carroll County Water District 1 office, 205 Main Cross St. in Ghent; the Carroll County Public Library, 136 Court St.; area churches; or in the donations barrel at Kroger.

The annual food drive will help the Community Food Pantry during upcoming holidays, as well as next year, food bank coordinator Ruth Baxter said.

"We hope to get enough (donated items) to last all year," she said.

The food drive collects thousands of non-perishable canned foods each year during the drive, but with an average of 120 people visiting the food pantry each month, last year's collection has been depleted.

"Our shelves have been bare several times this year, and we have depended upon the generosity of area churches and memorials from families who have lost loved ones for funds to buy food," Baxter said in the release. "This food drive is very important to get us through Christmas and the winter months ahead."

A typical food basket allows a family of four to eat for three to five days, the release said. A $5,000 donation from Philip Morris International will allow additional food items to be included in the Christmas baskets.

"Last year, we received 16,000 items," Baxter said. "We need as much as we had last year, plus more."