Funding for Carrollton's new college campus remains in Kentucky's biennial budget as legislators continue discussions during the General Assembly.

Forms of the budget bills passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate earlier this month, but the language of the budget was changed slightly in the Senate version of the bill.

Carroll County Judge-Executive Harold "Shorty" Tomlinson said Tuesday the language doesn't cut out the Jefferson Community and Technical College Carrollton campus, but the budget bills still need to receive approval from a conference committee before moving on to the governor's desk.

"It does not have an impact on our campus," Tomlinson told magistrates during the Fiscal Court meeting. "The college at this point was really a concern."

The approved Senate bill did have some slight changes in language and some major cuts were made, he said, but the Carrollton project was left intact.

"So far, so good," he said.

Tomlinson highlighted the progress on other ongoing projects in the county during Tuesday's meeting.

The HVAC project at the William Wheeler Hall of Justice has been completed, and the system seems to be working properly, he said. Officials plan to submit receipts for the 100 percent reimbursement now that the project is finished.

A National Resource Conservation Service project near Mill Creek will be rebid soon.

The original bids for the project either did not meet specifications or were too high, and the bids were rejected. Several contractors have expressed interest in the watershed project, Tomlinson said, but the bid specifications have been slightly tweaked.

He expects the project to be up for bidding within the next few weeks.

Tomlinson also discussed current and upcoming roads projects in the area.

A portion of Stafford Ridge Road is closed for the next seven to 10 days as crews work to secure a portion of land sliding down a hill and into the roadway.

Crews from Hinkle Construction plan to begin work on KY 227 on May 1 to make a turn lane near the high school.

Workers will remove the center median and slightly move northbound lanes to make room for a center turn lane.

"Getting in and out of (the high school entrance) might be a little complicated," Tomlinson said.

Tomlinson noted he had received a few calls from county residents about the commercial truck traffic on KY 47.

Because of the detoured routes around the Madison-Milton bridge, some semi-trucks rely on GPS devices for navigation to the interstate. Several of the GPS devices seem show a connection between KY 47 and Interstate 71, yet there is no exit ramp.

The county hopes to post additional signage to warn motorists of the issue.

"We do realize it is somewhat dangerous for semi traffic to be on that road," Tomlinson said.

Another caller alerted Tomlinson to a slight issue with the bridge over Locust Creek on KY 36. The caller said the pavement seems to have settled on the Milton side of the bridge, causing a rough bump between the bridge and the approach.

Officials plan to look into the issue to see what can be done, Tomlinson said.

In other business:

• Tomlinson said he hopes to have some of the dead shrubbery near the Carroll County Courthouse replaced prior to upcoming festivals.

The shrubbery was replaced during the Courthouse streetscape project last year and is still under warranty.

• Magistrates approved the jailer's budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. The budget included expenses and incomes of more than $1.96 million for the upcoming year.

Carroll County Jailer Michael Humphrey said the budget included a 3 percent increase for employees and an increase of 3 percent in billing for surrounding counties to use the Carrollton facility.

Humphrey expects income from housing state prisoners, inmate telephone commissions, other court costs and reimbursements to increase within the next year.