Former Carroll County High School teacher John F. "Jay" Jones IV was indicted Monday by a grand jury on two charges of first-degree sexual abuse of a student during school.

The alleged offenses were on Oct. 13 and Oct. 14, 2011, according to the indictment. The charges are Class D felonies punishable upon conviction by a prison sentence of one to five years.

The grand jury records stated that Jones was a person in a position of authority or a position of special trust and subjected a 16-year-old female with whom he came into contact as a result of that position to sexual contact.

Jones, who was 32 when he was arrested, was a math teacher and baseball coach.

Detective Sgt. Todd Harwood of the Kentucky State Police, who led the investigation, testified at Jones' pretrial hearing last month that there had been text message exchanges between Jones and the student before Oct. 13.

Harwood testified that in his interviews with both the student and Jones, he found that on Oct. 13 at 7:30 a.m. the student went into Jones' classroom and they engaged in a kiss and embrace. The student said the embrace was consensual.

However, the student alleged that Jones fondled her buttocks over her clothes, while in Harwood's interview with Jones, he said he only placed his hands at the top of her buttocks, at the small of her back.

Harwood testified that the student alleged in her interview that the next day, Jones texted her the words "come up," so she went to his classroom. Again they engaged in a kiss and embrace, and she alleged that Jones touched her breast and genitalia over her clothes and that he placed her hand on his genitals over his clothes.

Jones, however, said in his interview with Harwood that he did not place her hand on his genitals, and that he did not grope her. Jones said that perhaps he grazed the side of her breast in the embrace and possibly grazed close to her genital area.

The student told authorities about the incident Nov. 11, which is when Harwood became involved. Jones was arrested Nov. 15. He pleaded not guilty Dec. 1. Carroll County schools terminated his contract Nov. 28.