Police arrested a man who officers believed to be selling drugs, using a pepper spray and a taser twice on the subject Nov. 14.

Kenneth R. Otter, 24, was in the 500 block of Hawkins Street when he approached Carrollton Police Officer Daniel Embry in anticipation of a drug deal. Embry and another officer, Justin Doll, were in the area in plain clothes after being told of Otter's plans of selling drugs.

Otter was ordered to put his hands on the wall and comply with police. He appeared to do as he was told, then he suddenly turned and ran, police said. Embry grabbed Otter's shirt before Otter hit Embry in the face. Otter was subdued by officers, but continued to fight. Officers tased Otter twice and used pepper spray before the man complied with authorities.

Officers found a syringe inside Otter's boot. He was charged with fleeing or evading police, resisting arrest, possession of controlled substance and promoting contraband. He is lodged in the Carroll County Detention Center.