A few new faces will take leadership roles in Carroll County, while incumbents retained seats in Trimble County's contested races Tuesday.

Carroll County had three contested races - Carrollton City Council, Ghent City Commission and Prestonville City Commission. The only contested race in Trimble County was for seats on the Bedford City Commission.

In Carroll County, incumbent Ann Deatherage won re-election to the Carrollton City Council with the most votes, 834, which was a little over 15 percent of the votes. Incumbent Mike Gordon retained his seat with 726 votes. Former Carrollton Mayor Dwight Louden received 714 votes, and Hayley Franklin won with 703 votes. Incumbent Robb Adams won with 675 votes. Tammy McBurney, who had served on the council previously, received 665 votes.

Neither incumbent Kevin Craig nor incumbent Adam Raker, who was a write-in candidate for the election, received enough votes to retain seats on the council. Roy McAllister also lost the race for the City Council.

"What an honor," Deatherage said after her win. "I was just hoping to get back on (the council) again, but I had no idea. It pleases me that the people think that much of me."

Franklin will be a newcomer to the Carrollton City Council in January after winning with 12.7 percent of the votes.

"I'm really excited because this was my first time running," Franklin said.

Even though Franklin watched as her father ran for an elected office previously, this was her first time to campaign as a candidate herself. Franklin beat two incumbents.

James A. Lewellyn, Sandra K. Beall, Lonnie D. Mefford and David R. Hendren were elected to serve on the Ghent City Commission. Billy Walker, Linda Kelly Clark, Rae Stevens and Robert Dixon were elected to serve on the Prestonville City Commission.

In other Carroll County elections, Laman Stark ran unopposed for Carroll County Circuit Court clerk. Mona Kindoll and Rob Spenneberg ran unopposed for the Carroll County Schools Board of Education.

Tanya Dermon, Bobby Abercrombie, David Crawford and Harold "Ozzie" Wright ran unopposed for the Sanders City Commission. Katie Mefford, Candy Dempsey, Nancy Hilton and Janie Mae Thomas ran unopposed for the Worthville City Commission. James Crawford ran unopposed as the Commonwealth's attorney for the 15th Judicial Circuit.

Carroll County voted to retain Rick Rand as the state representative for the 47th District with 2,628 votes to T. K. Broecker's 989 votes.

Nearly half - 49.98 percent - of the registered voters in Carroll County went to the polls, with 3,734 of 7,471 registered voters casting a ballot.

In Trimble County, incumbents running for the Bedford City Commission retained their seats. Darrell Harmon received the most votes with 103. Todd Pollock won with 97 votes, Frank Floyd retained his seat with 87 votes and Harold Greene won another two-year term with 86 votes. James Helm lost the race by seven votes.

In other Trimble County races, Lynn Comeaux, Jerry Harmon, Melvin Tom Mahoney and Cecil Robak ran unopposed for the Milton City Council. Stacy Bruner ran unopposed as the county circuit clerk. Kim Temple and Scott Burrows ran unopposed for the Trimble County School Board.

Trimble County voted to retain incumbent Rick Rand as the state representative for the 47th District. Rand received 2,527 in Trimble County, while T. K. Broecker received 990.

More than half - 53.77 percent - of Trimble County's registered voters went to the polls, with 3,579 of the 6,656 registered voters casting ballots.

In Kentucky, Obama yielded to Romney after a poor showing in the Democratic primary this year.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting in Kentucky, Romney won 1,086,970 votes - or 61 percent - to the 679,105 votes for Obama - or 38 percent.

Carroll and Trimble counties voted along with most of the rest of the state of Kentucky to award the state's eight electoral votes to Romney during the election Tuesday. Carroll County residents voted for Romney, giving him 1,999 votes to Obama's 1,629. Trimble County residents supported Romney as well, with 2,133 votes for Romney and 1,355 for Obama.

Latonia truck driver Ed Talley, 61, a lifelong Democrat who changed his registration to Republican earlier this year, voted for Romney. The deciding factor: disappointment in Obama.

"I thought the guy would shine. He's the first black president, and everything else, but he got his chance to shine and just bombed," Talley said.

Murray State University student Shawanta Jones said she voted for Obama. The 20-year-old Democrat said she has been impressed with the handling of the economy.

"I mean, I live in it, and everybody knows it's so out of whack right now," Jones said. "It's starting to not only affect me, but my family."

In other Kentucky congressional races, Republican U.S. Reps. Ed Whitfield, Brett Guthrie and Hal Rogers were re-elected, as was Democratic U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, who will be the last remaining Democrat in Kentucky's federal delegation after the swearing-in of new officeholders in January.

In Kentucky's 4th District, where U.S. Rep. Geoff Davis resigned, tea party Republican Thomas Massie defeated Democrat Bill Adkins, a northern Kentucky attorney.

Rick Rand won another term as state representative of the 47th District with 11,215 votes, or 64 percent, over T. K. Broecker's 7,315 votes.

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