Josh Beach, bottom, goes through an "Electric Tunnel" with a blindfold mask during the Stage One Family Theater's DramaWorks Camp at the Carroll County Public Library on Monday.

The object of the exercise was to move through the tunnel without touching the chairs on each side. Josh made it through by following audible directions from fellow camper Connor Dermon.

Stage One Family Theater acting coach Lucas Adams, top, plays the "Ultimate Being" game at the camp. In the game, the students began by rocking along as eggs, then squaring off, one against another, in games of paper, rocks and scissors. The winners of paper, rocks and scissors then became chickens that strutted and clucked around the room. The student actors then squared off again with the winners becoming "ultimate beings" who walked around flexing their muscles and speaking with the most booming voices they could muster.

Adams said one of the main goals during the first day of the camp was to build trust and communications skills between the students as well as help them to let loose and become comfortable with being over the top and oftentimes ridiculous.

Adams told the class that they can always tone down their performances later on, but for Monday, he kept urging them to go further.

On Friday at 3 p.m., the students will conclude their camp by performing scenes for the public. (Staff photos by Ken Ritchie)