Above, a screen capture from a video posted on YouTube this morning.
Above, a screen capture from a video posted on YouTube this morning.
New details have developed in the search for Wade Russell Meisberger, a 40-year-old Madison resident who has been missing since June 21.

Carrollton, Ky., police had been searching for Meisberger after a witness said he jumped off the Prestonville bridge.

Now, two videos have been uploaded to YouTube claiming Meisberger is alive and is a fugitive. The videos were uploaded by a user named "Wade Meisberger."

The most recent video, which was filmed in black and white, features a man who claims to be Meisberger in a dimly-lit room. He gives details only Carrollton police would know about the case and reads headlines from the July 2 edition of The Madison Courier.

In the video, the man says he did jump off the bridge with the intention of killing himself. The man in the video said people in the community were gossiping about him and bothering him, which caused him to lose his job. That meant he could no longer pay child support and then he could no longer see his 4-year-old son.

"The thought of never seeing my son again, it just broke my heart," the man said.

The man said he jumped off the bridge, survived the fall and swam to the bank. He claimed he eluded authorities by jumping into his van that was parked near Point Park and driving away.

The man claimed to have details of corruption against several public officials from Jefferson County. He says in the video he does not want to go back to prison and will do whatever it takes to stay out and be reunited with his son.

The first video uploaded by the user is a compilation of news footage of Meisberger's arrest and text on the screen talking about how his life has been destroyed and he only wants to see his son again. No one is pictured or speaks on camera in that video.

Meisberger is on probation from Monroe County for murder and theft. He served 15 years in prison and is on probation until May 5, 2041.

Prosecutors in Monroe County filed a petition to revoke Meisberger's suspended sentence on June 21 - the same day he disappeared - alleging that he failed to report a valid address, did not return telephone messages and failed to report to two meetings with the probation department.

Meisberger's last known address is listed in court records as 8413 Oak Park Drive, Indianapolis. Meisberger was paying probation fees in Jefferson County.

A warrant was issued for Meisberger's arrest June 25. He faces a possible 18 years in prison.

Carrollton police are not actively looking for Meisberger in the river, but they have still not ruled out the possibility that he jumped off the bridge June 21.

"We still have this witness that says she saw him jump," said Assistant Chief Steve Abbott.

Abbott said Meisberger has been declared a missing person.

Links to the videos are below. Warning: The more recent video has strong language.