Pictured, from top to bottom: Laura Cash Boldery, Joe Craig and Keith Gaffney
Pictured, from top to bottom: Laura Cash Boldery, Joe Craig and Keith Gaffney
The Democratic Party kept the three at-large seats on the seven-member Jefferson County Council as the two incumbents won re-election and a new Democrat was elected.

Laura Cash Boldery and Joe Craig, the incumbents, and Keith Gaffney won the five-candidate race.

They got more votes than Republicans Nelson "Bud" Horine and Michael "Mike" Pittman in a race where the three with the most votes, regardless of party, won the seats.

In January, they will join Republicans Kevin Britt, Bill Hensler, Judy Andrew Smith and Larry Wynn, who were elected from districts in 2010. Jacob "Jake" Kloepfer, currently an at-large County Council member, will retire at the end of this year after 28 years.

"I'm excited, so excited," said Boldery, who won a third term. "My mother and dad would be so proud of Mark and me." Victorious Board of County Commissioners member Mark Cash is her nephew.

She credited hard work and door-to-door campaigning for her victory.

"I'm just so proud to be representing Jefferson County for the next four years," she said. "I'm appreciative to the voters. If they have any concerns, they can call me any time.

"I will try to vote just how they want me to vote."

Craig will start his seventh four-year term in January.

"I think it was close because all the candidates worked hard," Craig said. "There were a lot of quality candidates on the ballot.

"It's been an honor to be a County Council member. I appreciate everyone who voted for me. I promise to work hard this next term."

Gaffney also said he appreciated the voters who elected him.

"I feel very fortunate with such a close vote," Gaffney said. "I appreciate voters having confidence in me to do the job on the County Council. I look forward to serving Jefferson County the next four years."