Trimble County Fiscal Court could have two new members come next year.

Kenny Green defeated long-time incumbent Kirby Melvin during Kentucky's primary on Tuesday for the District 2 Democratic magistrate nomination. Melvin has served as a county magistrate for the past 12 years.

Don McCarty defeated Philip A. Wright for the District 4 Democratic magistrate nomination. District 4 incumbent Steven Stark decided to not seek office again.

District 1 incumbent Nolan Hamilton Jr. and District 3 incumbent David Scott both kept their seats in Tuesday's primary election. Hamilton will face Republican candidate William Sizemore in the November election.

McCarty and Green will be the newcomers to the Fiscal Court if no write-in candidates challenge and defeat them in the November election.

Green earned 177 votes to Melvin's 139. If elected in November, Green said his main issue would be combing through the budget and finding ways to save money without raising taxes. Green, who was running in his first political race, said he was concerned when the Fiscal Court approved a 5 percent insurance premium tax increase last year.

"The budget needs to be under control without having to raise taxes," he said.

McCarty defeated Wright by seven votes. McCarty had run for magistrate before but found himself on the losing side of a close race.

If elected, McCarty said he plans to find ways to "stretch the dollar" and listen to the public.

"Whatever we're asked to do by the public, you don't turn your back on them," he said.

Tuesday's voter turnout for Trimble County was 31 percent.

Magistrates serve four-year terms and have no term limits. Trimble County is divided into four districts and has four magistrates.

All of the Trimble County magistrate primary candidates were Democrats. There were no Republican candidates on the ballot.

The biggest race was in District 3, which had five candidates. Scott earned 183 votes - or 34 percent of the vote in his five-person race. The other candidates included Norvel Barnes (163 votes), Craig Lacefield (108 votes), Mark Mullins (46 votes) and Deborah Crawford (36 votes).

Hamilton, who was facing Travis Webster, earned 255 votes - or 55 percent of the vote.

Trimble County Jailer

Incumbent Bobby Temple won the Democratic nomination for jailer with 967 votes.

Temple, who has been the jailer for 12 years, had two challengers and received 56 percent of the vote.

His challengers included Bob J. Scott, who works in security and Douglas Wingham, who served as the Trimble County deputy jailer from 2002 to 2013.

Jailers in Kentucky serve four years and have no term limits. There is no Republican jailer candidate challenger in the general election later this year.