The grueling presidential election cycle is almost over, but Jefferson County voters also have choices to make in state and local races that will appear down the ballot from Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump in Tuesday’s election.

At the county level, voters will be choosing their candidates for surveyor, recorder, treasurer and coroner, and seats on the Board of Commissioners and County Council.

Voters in the Madison and Southwestern school districts also will be selecting new board members.

State offices on the ballot are U.S. senator, governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and superintendent of public instruction, as well as U.S. representative for District 6 and state representatives for Districts 66, 67 and 69.

Voters are required to bring photo identification to be eligible to vote. Because this is a general election, voters can cast ballots for either party, regardless of their own party affiliation.

A word of caution to those planning to vote “straight ticket” Republican, Democrat or Libertarian: Voters still must cast votes for county council in addition to a straight-party vote.

Also, write-in votes will only count if the vote is cast for someone who has declared himself or herself as a write-in candidate.

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday.