The U.S. Department of Education announced Friday there was no sufficient evidence to rule that Hanover College retaliated against a student who alleged she had been raped on campus.

A student at the college filed a sexual assault claim against another student in fall 2011. She claimed the college attempted to get her not to file the complaint. A spokeswoman for the college denied the accusations.

The DOE report said the case is closed and "the evidence is insufficient to establish that the College subjected Student A to retaliation as alleged."

Rhonda Burch, director of communications for Hanover College, said the college submitted several documents to the Office of Civil Rights that showed various charges surrounding the allegations had undergone multiple reviews and appeals.

In a statement, Hanover College President Sue DeWine said, "We are pleased that Hanover College's actions were validated and that these allegations were thoroughly investigated and closed. We will continue our goal of providing a safe and respectful campus community and will continue to protect the rights of each and every student."

The college held an internal hearing on the alleged assault before the end of the school term in December 2011, and found the accuser's former boyfriend not responsible for the alleged attack.

In a fall 2013 review of the case, college officials said campus security had followed protocol.