Hanover College has announced a $34 million capital campaign.

The college secured $19,605,382 during the initial 18 months of its Live Our Loyalty campaign.

President Sue DeWine announced the achievement during a public unveiling of the $34 million campaign at Hanover's Homecoming celebration last month.

The college said in a press release that the three-year campaign seeks $34,345,000 in philanthropic investments. The press release said the effort will strengthen Hanover's liberal arts education through innovative curriculum proposals, expand student social activities, improve the experience for the student-athlete, support talented students with scholarships and increase the number of students studying abroad.

"The progress of the Live Our Loyalty campaign is unprecedented with regard to the extent to which it involved our entire community," said DeWine, who became Hanover's 15th president in 2007. "The inspired vision of our volunteer leadership has been pivotal. As we move this campaign further toward our goals, we plan to connect with alumni across the nation so they can continue to make the student experience at Hanover special and unique."

The college's goal is to have an enrollment of 1,200 students by 2014 and 1,400 by 2016.

The campaign supports five strategic initiatives:

• A goal of $11.75 million will be used to strengthen academic distinctiveness by enhancing signature educational experiences, particularly in international study and the Business Scholars Program.

• Nearly one-fourth of the total campaign funds, a planned $8 million, will provide the scholarship resources necessary to recruit and support outstanding students from varying populations, including legacy, international, economically disadvantaged and high achievers.

• The Live Our Loyalty campaign seeks $6 million to build competitive outdoor athletic facilities to support recruitment of student-athletes and their participation, sustain competitiveness and create another point of pride for students and alumni.

• The campaign also will generate $5 million to improve campus social and co-curricular life including renovations of the student dining areas and the student activities center.

• More than $3 million will help support The Hanover Fund, which provides annual resources to augment the college's operations budget.

"We believe that Hanover's time is now," said Mark Levett, vice chairman of Hanover's Board of Trustees and co-chairman of the campaign with his wife, Marabeth. "By building on a near-record enrollment, with new facilities in the works and scholarship programs that support a growing student base - we believe we have the capability, the motivation and the capacity to move forward to achieve our ultimate $34 million goal."

In the past three years, Hanover's first-year classes have increased in size by 42 percent, while retention rates from first-year to second-year enrollment and graduation rates are at an all-time high. The percent of students of color and international students has increased from 5 to 15 percent of the incoming class. In addition, an average of 30 percent of the college's graduates in the past two years went to graduate or professional schools, which is among the highest rates in Indiana.