Bob Malcomb of Deputy, top, talks about a rooftop-mounted wind power generator during his presentation at the Indiana Small Business Development Center's "Risk It: Indiana" entrepreneurs contest Thursday at the Venture Out Business Center.

The contest included seven regional participants, two of whom live in Jefferson County.

In addition to Malcomb's wind energy device, contestants offered ideas for a computer-training business for aging baby boomers; an anti-wrinkle spray made of worm castings; a flood prevention device that uses a rubber bladder filled with water instead of traditional sandbags to keep floodwaters at bay; a vegan fast-food business; a table top that hooks onto the extendable handle of rolling suitcases, which can be used for laptop computers; and a mass-marketed children's educational suite.

The audience choice and the first prize award both went to Andy Rust, of Elizabeth, for his "Luggage LapTopper," which he is already in the process of marketing to airport shops and luggage retailers as well as online sales. The product can be seen at Rust's website

The audience choice award came with a $200 cash prize. The Risk It winner receives free consultation with a patent attorney, a CPA, a business attorney; receives a free logo design; and more.

Hanover College student Devon Kondaki, bottom, came in second with "Winzlow Nation," a children's education website that offers books, multimedia, clothing and more around an assortment of characters he has created. His materials can be found at

(Staff photo by Ken Ritchie)