The Indiana Supreme Court on Monday denied motions to hear arguments on two local cases.

The court voted unanimously to not hear the case of Eric R. Rasnick and voted 4-1 in favor of not hearing the case of Gregory A. Harris.

Rasnick was arrested in September 2011 after breaking into Wiley Hall on the Hanover College campus and stealing a laptop and three cameras.

He was convicted by a jury of burglary and theft and later received a 36-year sentence.

The Court of Appeals upheld the conviction in November 2013.

Harris went to trial in September 2011 on allegations of rape and sexual misconduct with a minor. A jury acquitted him of the rape charge and a mistrial was declared on the sexual misconduct charge because the jury could not reach a verdict.

Prosecutors tried to file additional charges, which were denied by a judge. Harris filed a motion to dismiss the case based on double jeopardy, but that was also denied.

Harris filed an appeal, but the Court of Appeals agreed with the lower court's ruling in a November 2013 decision.