An Ohio Valley Opportunities bus caught fire Thursday while transporting students home from the nonprofit's Head Start program at Southwestern.

Fifteen children, aged 3 to 5, were riding in the school bus when OVO bus driver Tina Griffith smelled smoke while she was making one of her stops in the College Hills sub-division in Hanover.

"I saw smoke coming from my engine and immediately evacuated my students," Griffith said. "Some were pretty shook up, but most were calm, cool and collected."

Griffith said she had all of the students off the bus within 25 seconds of seeing the smoke during a stop.

No one was injured.

Griffith took the children to the back of a nearby house and "within seven or eight minutes (the bus) was completely engulfed in flames."

Griffith said her bus is regularly inspected every six months, and when she did her regular pre-trip check this morning no problems were found.