The City Council needs to amend its salary ordinance for this year and next to show the total pay of a handful of city employees who are paid from more than one city account, Clerk-Treasurer Bill Kalb told the council Tuesday.

The State Board of Accounts requested that the city break out those employees to show their pay, Kalb said.

Kalb said he will not be at the next council meeting. He asked the council to have all three readings and votes on amending the two ordinances at one meeting, instead of at two or three. The revised salary ordinances must be submitted to the Board of Accounts by Nov. 1, he said.

Also at the council meeting:

• The district traffic engineer for the Indiana Department of Transportation will meet with the council's traffic committee a 3 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18.

The meeting will start at City Hall, then go to West Main Street and East Main Street to show the engineer traffic problems and to discuss solutions, committee chairman Dick Jones said.

The committee's next regular meeting will be at 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 25 at City Hall. The committee meetings are open to the public.

• A Halloween event for teenagers is being planned, with details to be announced, Andrew Forrester, the mayor's executive assistant for community relations, said. The tentative name is "Red, White & Boogie," he said. The city puts on a Halloween program for children, "Red, White & Boo!"

• Student Government Day will be Nov. 20, Forrester said. It was moved this school year from the spring to the fall.

• Three new houses are under construction, building inspector Mark Johnson said. One is on Cedar Cliff Drive and two are at The Meadows subdivision on State Road 7.

• Two high school students, one who wants to be an architect and the other who is interested in art design, were to meet this week with Madison architect Brian Martin to talk about ideas for a new gazebo at Lytle Park, Johnson said. Students in Madison Consolidated High School teacher Dave Bear's building trades class will build the gazebo. The old gazebo had three rusted-out supports and was in poor condition, so it was removed.

• Camille Fife, the city's preservation planner, said that in response to some people's belief that the Historic Board only rejects applications, she analyzed applications filed this year through September. Sixty-two were approved, one was denied and one was withdrawn, she said.

• Parks director Dave Stucker reminded the public that they should visit the parks office at Brown Gym or call the department at 265-8308 to reserve use of city facilities such as the Broadway Fountain, the gazebo on the riverfront and Brown Gym.