Coroner-elect Johnny Collins watches the returns come in with his son Braeden. (Staff photo by Ken Ritchie)
Coroner-elect Johnny Collins watches the returns come in with his son Braeden. (Staff photo by Ken Ritchie)
Two incumbent county office holders won re-election Tuesday, while another lost a close election.

Democrats Leigh Koehler won her race for recorder and Linda Greene was re-elected treasurer. Koehler finished with 7,647 votes, compared with 4,973 votes received by her challenger, Republican Joe McCord.

"I'm blessed to have the victory. I think I pulled votes from both sides," Koehler said. "Plus I think the work the past four years, I've showed I've done a good job in there. Hard work pays off. ... We will continue business as usual."

Greene beat Republican challenger Sherry Eblen by almost 300 votes,taking 51.1 percent of the vote.

"I'm just very pleased," Greene said. "I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote. I will be at the Courthouse tomorrow and for the next four years."

Republican Jeff Daghir won his first political office by beating incumbent surveyor Bill Pettitt by 2 percent of the vote. Daghir said he thought he had lost the race at first, but found out from a friend that he had won.

"I'm kind of shocked. It was a nail-biting race," Daghir said.

Daghir said he plans to meet with office personnel between now and the beginning of his term to learn the workings of the office so he's ready.

Fellow Republican Johnny Collins won the election for coroner over John Hutchinson. Collins received 7,516 votes, while Hutchinson received 4,903.

Collins spent a good deal of time campaigning with other Republican candidates leading up to the vote Tuesday and was disappointed his party couldn't pick up more victories.

"I'm torn. I'm very happy having won, but some part of me is sad we (Republicans) all didn't win," Collins said.

Hutchinson said he knew winning would have been tough to achieve.

"I knew going into it, when I started I was swimming uphill because he had the firefighters, EMTs and the hospital personnel for him," he said. "But I found out I got 4,500 friends. The sun will come up in the morning, and I will see it."

Collins intends to meet with Alice Carlson Jackson, the current coroner, to ensure budgets and other financial aspects are taken care of. He also intends to meet with Jamie Phillips, one of the deputy coroners, to determine who some of the other deputy coroners should be. But he has one important task left to do.

"I'm going to rest for a while," he said.

Democrat Darrell Auxier won election for Circuit Court Judge with 9,172 votes. He was unopposed.

Courier staff writer Peggy Vlerebome contributed to this report.