The Board of Commissioners on Thursday heard another round of bids for a city-county housing rehabilitation project.

The initiative is focusing on 18 renovation projects, six of which are already under way. On Thursday, Pettit Group Inc. and Jackson Construction entered bids for 11 of the remaining 12 properties.

Pettit Group gave bids for 11 properties, while Jackson entered bids for eight. One of the properties did not receive a bid and will need to be rebid, along with three properties that received only one bid.

The renovation bid prices ranged from $5,000 to more than $50,000.

The commissioners took the bids under advisement.

The entire rehab project, which is being funded with a $400,000 federal grant, must be completed by November. The project is designed to assist low-to moderate income property owners.

Once a bid is approved, the contractor has 90 days to complete the renovations at the property.

While the project is a joint effort of the city of Madison and Jefferson County, the county is the lead applicant, making the Board of Commissioners responsible for approving the contracts.

Following each project's completion, a three-year lien will be placed on the property. In that time, the owner must maintain the location as a permanent residence or face repaying a prorated portion of the renovation costs.

Also at the meeting, the commissioners approved a bid from Glass Unlimited to replace handicap doors and opener at the Jefferson County Health Department. The cost, which is $6,200, will first need to be approved by the County Council.