A former Hanover College student received a suspended sentence in Superior Court on Friday after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine and marijuana.

Colby W. Light, 20, was arrested on campus in April after an investigation into drug use at Wiley Hall. Officers found marijuana in Light's desk and less than 3 grams of cocaine in his backpack, according to court records.

He pleaded guilty Friday to possession of cocaine, a Class D felony, and possession of marijuana, a Class A misdemeanor.

Light told Judge Alison Frazier he understood his mistake and has worked to reform himself since being released after his arrest. Light testified that he is currently working two jobs, attends church and regularly attends substance abuse meetings.

He also submitted a passed drug test to the court.

He said the felony conviction would hinder his ability to apply for colleges in the future and requested Frazier only accept the misdemeanor plea.

Light will not face prison time, but he was convicted and sentenced on both charges.

Frazier sentenced Light to 18 months on the felony charge, all suspended to be served on home detention, and then one year suspended to home detention on the marijuana conviction. The convictions will run concurrently - or at the same time.

A special circumstance of the sentence is that Light can petition the court to modify his felony charge if he successfully completes his home detention sentence.