The average Hanover household will pay $11 more each month for sewer and water services next year.

The town of Hanover voted unanimously Monday to officially implement the changes after a public hearing where no residents commented on the proposed changes.

The increases will be implemented for the January billing period next year. Sewer rates will increase 18 percent, while water rates will increase 31 percent.

Before the decision Monday, water rates had not increased in five years, while the sewer rates had not been raised in more than 10 years.

Part of the change was due to a recent rate increase by Kent Water Co., which provides water to Hanover, council members reported.

H.J. Umbaugh Associates in Indianapolis conducted a study earlier this year and suggested the changes to the council during its meeting in October.

Also during the meeting:

• The board swore in four new reserve officers: Tyler Atkinson, Yancy Cauldill, Brandon Ceabolt and Bill Simpson.

• The board approved $2,000 to purchase furniture for the Hanover Community Center at Hanover Park. The money for the purchase will be taken from the town's donation fund.